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Ok here’s how it works. Ready? GO!


First: email me. Tell me about your business what you’re working on and any details that will help me, like timeline, your budget, how you learned about us, why you like us, all the good stuff.

I'll get back to you quicker than you think, usually straight away. I ask lots of questions and you’ll ask me lots of questions about our process and we’ll get to know each other. Win-win. Now we are friends.


What I Do / The Process​

I make videos and have full capability to handle your project from start to finish. My approach is a simple four-step process.

  1. The Creative Idea: I come up with some video ideas and we refine it together so your audience can understand it clearly - how it works, what it feels like, and why they’ll love it. I will then design a script that lays it out in detail and a plan for what resources we’ll need to get the job done. Then you approve it before we move forward.

  2. Film Production: I charge my cameras, drones and lights, format the SD cards, scout the best places to set your story, find people that will represent your brand and then LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. I direct and manage the whole process so you can be assured everything will run smoothly.

  3. Post-production: This is where the magic happens and is basically 75% of any video. I transfer all the footage onto my hard drives and use professional-grade editing software to bring your story to life, from high-end visual effects to original music composition or licensing and colour grading. I will send you a draft for comment and approval which we can make any final changes to suit your style - no problems.

  4. Activation: When the final film is finished and approved by you, I'll make sure to get it in front of the world. We’ll support you with TV/social media strategy and if you want can even manage the whole process for you. Everything from social media advertising including Facebook, Instagram and Linked-in Adds, influencer marketing and everything in-between. I will even send it to my parents because they always love seeing what I’m up to. Email me. I love email.







Q: How much does it cost?

A: A million dollars. Just kidding, but the point is it costs real money, and camera equipment and computers are really expensive. There is a range of packages to choose from above and also details on rates for different services. If you’re a startup or young business with an idea I absolutely have to get behind, I can get creative with equity or revenue share. This means I will invest my own time and money to make you a video in exchange for a revenue share from selling the products or percentage equity in your business. 


Q: Why do people come to you?

A: I do this work because I love making videos and building brands. And when you have a passion for something the quality shines through. People just seem to like working with me and my videos, so I get to keep on doing it which suits me perfectly.


Q: If I work with you, can I choose the style of my video?

A: Great question and absolutely yes! I’d get bored doing the same thing over and over, so I work in a wide variety of styles, whatever fits the product, business or video message. Every project is different, and I make sure the creative style is right for each project’s needs.


Q: What kind of videos do you make?

A: All kinds, from startup how-it-works videos that focus on the product to corporate films that are heavier on brand.


Q: What kind of clients do you prefer?

A: I work with everyone, budgets big and small. My favourite clients are the ones who take risks, are great communicators, and have confidence in my ability to deliver.

Q: Do you work with outside agencies?

A: Sure! I bring my own creative flair to the table by default, but I also love working with any outside creative at the top of their game.


Q: Do you work with international clients.

A: Absolutely YES! I am a global citizen and this is a global company. I was born, grew up and went to school in Australia and now live between Norway and Australia with my Norwegian partner, speaking both English and Norwegian.  It’s also not as difficult as you might think. With advancements in technology and travel, I can be anywhere at any time.

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